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Innovation award
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PHP Programming Innovation award nominee
September 2005
Number 8

Prize: One subscription to the PHP Magazine
Solve Soduku puzzle game
Sudoku is a puzzle that has become very popular recently and has been published in many newspapers.

Sudoku is a number puzzle where you are presented with a grid of size 9 by 9, that is subdivided in 9 blocks of 3 by 3. Some fields in the grid contain a digit from 1 to 9. The objective is to fill in the rest of the fields such that each row, column and block will contain all digits exactly once. A good Sudoku has a single solution.

This class attempts to use the same strategies that a human player would use to solve a Sudoku puzzle. It can solve many Sudoku puzzles but not all, because it only uses logic and refrains from brute-force solving.

You can interactively influence the solution process to try out rules of your own. You can easily enter a Sudoku puzzle and save it to try it again later. PHP 5 is required.
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