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To do, feedback

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Subject:To do, feedback
Summary:feedback, what do you want to add to this class
Author:Comanici Paul
Date:2009-11-11 04:57:36
Update:2010-10-20 17:33:43

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Picture of Comanici Paul Comanici Paul - 2009-11-11 04:57:36

EmbeVi started at version 1.0 with the single option that you will give it a link and the class will return you the embedded code.

Before the release of version 1.1 I've received some feedback that some users wanted to give HTML code and EmbeVi should do the job so in the end I've created parseHtml method so you can do this.

Now I've received some requests that sometimes the link is a shorten URL and I will work for version 1.2 when I will add support for shorten URL's and if behind that link is a link that can be from EmbeVi supported sites then I will return the embedded code.

Do you have a request? Do you want EmbeVi to do additional work for you?
If yes then please post here with your suggestions.

If you think that I can improve something please post, because in our days speed and user friendly experience are the most important.

Thanks for using EmbeVi and for you feedback.

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Picture of Reda Reda - 2010-10-20 17:33:48 - In reply to message 1 from Comanici Paul
Great script and I love it.

Could you please add Thumbs and descriptions with the next release?
When you add videos to your page, you don't want to embed them all at once, but rather show an image+description. After users click on the image, the video is embedded and can be played.

Thanks a lot.