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Summary:Don't use this class before backing up any existing site maps.
Author:Robert Visser
Date:2009-04-18 20:12:51
Update:2009-04-20 07:37:51

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Picture of Robert Visser Robert Visser - 2009-04-18 20:12:51
Despite that I placed the class and example in a folder other than my route directory, it over wrote the existing sitemap in the route directory. Unanticipated and NOT wanted. There needs to be a way to run the example without it being obtrusive.

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Picture of Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh Mhd Zaher Ghaibeh - 2009-04-20 07:37:51 - In reply to message 1 from Robert Visser
Hello sir :
if you have put your the files in a folder other than your route directory and you would like your sitemap.xml file to be put in that directory you should change the required options :

1- you have to change this also to be like
$siteMap->siteUrl = '';

2- this is the base directory where your sitemap.xml file will be generated
$siteMap->siteDir = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'];

and those options were available in the example.php file , but its look like you miss them .
thank you