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Subject:Feature Request
Summary:Some additional useful features that i'd love to be implemented
Date:2012-08-31 22:42:18
Update:2013-01-21 19:39:52

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Picture of Timo Timo - 2012-08-31 22:42:18
Hey first of all, great work, it looks realy promising.
I've tried to build a mail class myself with very similar usage, but obviously i failed. :D

However there are a few things i'd like to request:
1) I would prefer the class to return $this in almost each method so you could chain the method calls, e.g.:


You get the idea.

2) Since my english is not the best i try to make clear what i mean. as far as i know, there are two different mechanisms to get notifications about the status of the mail: one is you Recipient trigger, that makes the recieving server respond when it got the mail. But there's also a second mechanism which is triggered, when the mail is actually read by the client. It would be awesome if you implemented that one.

3) When setting the priority you only set one header, but as far as i got to know, there are three headers to be set to realy ensure cross server/client (not realy sure there...) compatibility.

Lastly i just wanted to know, why you didn't move your class to google code or github etc.

Keep up the good work :)

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Picture of Pier Luigi Pau Pier Luigi Pau - 2012-09-06 11:05:09 - In reply to message 1 from Timo
Hello. Thanks for your interest in this class!

Going straight to the point:

1) This is just syntactic sugar; I'm unused to this kind of syntax in PHP, which explains why I simply never thought of adding it to this class. I may consider this change, but I don't expect to push an update just for this.

2) This goes beyond the scope of this class and I will not consider such a change. Receipt requests at the client level are non-standard, and sometimes implemented by employing the loading of off-site images, which requires user interaction in recent mail clients because of privacy concerns.

3) In my experience, priority is hardly ever useful, because it tends to be ignored by the user, or sometimes even considered as a sign of spam. I simply inherited the behaviour of Leo West's class without tampering much with it. However, this can be added if you need the feature. Would you mind giving a few pointers on what headers are used by the mail client you need to support? Or perhaps confirming that you're referring to this, for instance? ...

If you're a developer and interested in submitting patches, please make use of my contact form at to let me have an e-mail address and we'll figure out a way.

The class is not in github/google code/etc. because even I consider it a "legacy" project, i.e. it's mainly something that exists to make old code work. If you look at the history, this began with a fork of Leo West's class in 2008 because I needed a few extra features. After 2008 I only updated this class once in 2012, which was mostly for PHP 5.3+ compatibility anyway. Nowadays I rarely work with PHP, and in the event that I were to resume working with PHP, I would probably write something more versatile from scratch if I didn't find a more modern class that suited my needs.

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Picture of Timo Timo - 2012-09-10 00:33:40 - In reply to message 2 from Pier Luigi Pau
I already thought about performing the neccesary modifications myself already but unfortunately i'm running low on time currently.
However I do belive that it would be great if we could get in contact to polish that class a little.

Regarding 3) The information from StackOverflow (1st answer) is correct as far as i know. Here's another small reference:

I agree with you, that the full range of available priorities is crap but especially those with highest priority do get some attention, when you're writing mails in the business world.

This class is realy important for me, mostly because of PHP's stone age mail function with exactly zero functionality. Since I'm an active PHP developer and not looking foreward to change to beans or net, i could use that mail class quite often.

I'll get in touch with you using your contact form as soon as i can spend some time on that topic.

Best Regards

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Picture of Pier Luigi Pau Pier Luigi Pau - 2013-01-21 19:39:52 - In reply to message 3 from Timo
I uploaded version 1.7.0 with some changes to how mail priority is set. I welcome test reports and feedback in general.