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Problem between the 14 and 21 of each month

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Subject:Problem between the 14 and 21 of...
Summary:I have a problem with salat times between the 14 and 21
Date:2011-09-10 13:05:12

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Picture of fouad fouad - 2011-09-10 13:05:13
Salam alaykoum,

i found your script by searching on the web, it's a very good job, i wanted to make it a little bit more dynamic, by giving longitude and latitude automaticly and same for offset timezone with dst, everything is good, but i meet one problem, the salat times are not google between the 14 and 21, the problem start at the 14th day of each month( for testing i tested with your classes with no modification and with the town if the files you furnish) so it s no a problem coming from me i think. Can you say to me if you can reproduce this bug or can you send a patch for this bug, or telling me if i m wrong.

I would to transform it into a component and module for joomla.

Barak Allahu fik