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Subject:What's this?
Summary:What's this class package about?
Author:Martin Alterisio
Date:2007-07-19 17:18:22

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Picture of Martin Alterisio Martin Alterisio - 2007-07-19 17:18:23
So, I was just to eager to wait for PHP6 to have namespaces, therefore I decided to create something to emulate them in PHP5. Luckily, as I completed this I found out that namespaces where already available in PHP6, but, unluckily, there are no plans of implementing them in PHP5. We'll have to wait, hopefully not as much as we waited for PHP5 to finally overcome its predecessor. Meanwhile this class package is meant to provide certain emulation of namespaces.

I started this package before the namespaces patch to PHP6 development was proposed and finally committed, so I didn't have much idea of how they were going to implement that. Now I know which keywords will be used and I'll try to implement also those in this package.