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File: zh_ZH.sor

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File: zh_ZH.sor
Role: Auxiliary data
Content type: text/plain
Description: zh_ZH language for Soros class
Class: Convert Number to Text with Soros
Spell number with text in multiple languages
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Date: 10 years ago
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# Mandarin Chinese number names (simplified) __numbertext__ ^0 零 1 一 2$ 二 2 两 3 三 4 四 5 五 6 六 7 七 8 八 9 九 ^1(\d) 十$1 (\d)(\d) $1|十$2 (\d)0{2} $1百 (\d)0(\d) $1百零$2 (\d)(\d\d) $1百$2 (\d)0{3} $1千 (\d)0(\d\d) $1千零$2 (\d)(\d\d\d) $1千$2 (\d{1,4})0{4} $1|万 (\d{1,4})0(\d{3}) $1|万零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{4}) $1|万$2 (\d{1,4})0{8} $1|亿 (\d{1,4})0(\d{7}) $1|亿零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{8}) $1|亿$2 (\d{1,4})0{12} $1|兆 (\d{1,4})0(\d{11}) $1|兆零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{12}) $1|兆$2 (\d{1,4})0{16} $1|京 (\d{1,4})0(\d{15}) $1|京零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{16}) $1|京$2 (\d{1,4})0{20} $1|垓 (\d{1,4})0(\d{19}) $1|垓零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{20}) $1|垓$2 (\d{1,4})0{24} $1|秭 (\d{1,4})0(\d{23}) $1|秭零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{24}) $1|秭$2 (\d{1,4})0{28} $1|穰 (\d{1,4})0(\d{27}) $1|穰零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{28}) $1|穰$2 (\d{1,4})0{32} $1|沟 (\d{1,4})0(\d{31}) $1|沟零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{32}) $1|沟$2 (\d{1,4})0{36} $1|涧 (\d{1,4})0(\d{35}) $1|涧零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{36}) $1|涧$2 (\d{1,4})0{40} $1|正 (\d{1,4})0(\d{39}) $1|正零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{40}) $1|正$2 (\d{1,4})0{44} $1|载 (\d{1,4})0(\d{43}) $1|载零$2 (\d{1,4})(\d{44}) $1|载$2 # negative numbers [-−](\d+) 负|$1 # decimals "([-−]?\d+)[.,]" "$1|点" "([-−]?\d+[.,]\d*)(\d)" $1||$2 # currency # unit/subunit singular/plural AUD 澳大利亚元 CHF 瑞士法郎 CNY 人民币 EUR 歐元 GBP 英镑 HKD 港元 JPY 日圓 MOP 澳門幣 USD 美元 # 1/10 角 # 1/100 分 "([A-Z]{3}) ([-−]?\d+([.,]\d+)?)" $2$1