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The site moved to a new server.

Top rated classes and top reviewer rankings helped improving the quality of classes.

Class forums will be implemented soon.

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* New server

As you may have noticed, there have been a few problems to access the site in the last days due to a migration that occurred to move the site to a new server.

Since the changes in the DNS records do not propagate worldwide immediately, your accesses to domain may probably be redirected to the domain .

Please do not use the domain when you reference the Web site URLs or send e-mail to the site address. Always use the domain.

People that have sent messages to the site, please be patient, no messages were lost. I will try to reply everybody in the next days.

* Top rated classes and top reviewer users

I would like to take this message to thank all of you that have been rating the packages made available in the site. I can notice an improvement in the quality of the classes that are made available and updated in the site.

The reason for this improvement seems to be due to the initiatives to award prizes to the top user rated packages and the top reviewer users every month in cooperation with the PHP-Editors site.

If you are not yet aware about these initiatives, take a look at the respective pages so you can participate too:

Top user rated classes contest

Top Reviewers contest

As you may be aware, only the authors and users that explicitly express interest will participate in these contests. Just login in the user options page to express your interest to participate.

Here you may see the current month top of user rated packages and top package reviews. It includes the users that did not express to participate in the contests. ...

With the ability to see which are the best rated classes, as you may have noticed, it is possible also to list the top rated classes in each category. So, now there is a link in all the pages of classes and categories to the top user rated classes of the respective category. For instance, to list the top user rated packages in the Databases category you can go here: ...

This is one feature that has been request for a while by many users that were concerned with the ability to find the most appreciated classes among all of those that are made available in each category.

* Improvement suggestions

Over time I have received many improvement suggestions. That is part of the reason why the site pleases so many users. However, not all suggestions that intended to implement were addressed, mostly because I did not yet had the time.

Now that the server was moved, I plan to install an application like Bugzilla or similar so I can keep track of all the improvement suggestions and eventual any bug reports, so everybody can participate in the discussions of what is suggested or reported.

I will announce it when it is ready. For now, you may want to discuss any suggestions that you would like to make either in this thread of the comp.lang.php newsgroup: ...

Or in the php-objects mailing list:

* Class discussion forums

One thing that has gotten many requests is to have some sort of discussion forums for each class in the site. In the past I have avoided to add this to the site because it usually requires a lot of disk space and CPU usage from the server.

Since in the latest times it seems that it has been possible to generate extra income from advertising in the site pages, I think the additional resources that the forums may demand, may be covered by the eventual increase of pages serving advertisements in the site.

Therefore, I am willing to invest on the implementation of a forums solution as it has been requested. I do not know yet when that will be made available, but I thought you would like to know that I am planning on that direction.

Thank you for reading this far and keep on contributing to the PHP Classes site.

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